Bruins Finally Find Their Edge!

I said last night I thought Boston would win games 3 and 4 – truth be told I expected last night to be another close one, but had a suspicion game 4 might throw up something else.

As it turned out the Bruins found their fire again and stormed to victory a couple of days earlier than I’d had in mind, blowing out the Canucks in a fiesty game.

Whether it was Aaron Rome’s awful hit on Nathan Horton (more on that later) or simply the adrenaline of being back on home ice, this is the Boston Bruins I wanted to see! They stepped up on their men, they got in the Canucks faces and played with a bit of grit! That’s the way Boston are going to beat Vancouver!

Unfortunately they didn’t play like that in games 1 and 2, they stood off and let guys skate, and Claude Julien’s powerplay tinkering (Chara in front of the net?! C’mon!) simply didn’t work – last night they rediscovered that ‘Bruins hockey’ edge.

Seidenberg’s ill advise scrap with Kesler contributed little and Lucic went a little far with his jab at Burrows; but the tone from the B’s was much different – ‘we won’t lay down’

With that extra bite in their game (no Alex Burrows jokes please) they scored four special teams goals, including two shorties, showing what a bit of hunger can do for you. They even gave the Canucks and Max Lapierre a taste of his own medicine with a few waving fingers and a good old fashioned face wash from Zdeno Chara

Even Tim Thomas got in on the act, hammering Henrik Sedin as the Swede came in to his crease.

If Boston tries to match the Canucks for skill and speed, they can’t win. They don’t have the same skill players nor the speed of the Nucks, it’s just not the Bruins game. Don’t get me wrong, there are some talented players in there, just not in the same sense of ‘skilled’. Last night was Boston at its best.

Last night’s performance must set the tone for the Bruins for the remainder of the series – if it does, I don’t think Vancouver has an answer for them.

I said before the series Bruins in 6. Lets see how the table tilts now the Bruins roar is back!


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