Modern Bore-fare

It was no secret we’d be seeing the latest Call of Duty game at E3, with Modern Warfare 3 trailers now floating around the net and starting to appear on TV. 

What we saw was Call of Duty alright – same game, new coat of paint.

It was all very grand in scale and looked pretty, but it feels like the campaign is now  merely an addition to a multiplayer experience; rather than the meat of the game itself, as it once was. It doesn’t matter how grand it appears if you’re left feeling like you’ve just played the same game again.

On rails, go from point A, complete this objective, go to point B – you may have to do it quietly, you may have to drive some kind of vehicle. But it’ll be all too familiar now. Looking pretty isn’t enough anymore.

And the really depressing thing is it will sell hugely when there are folks who won’t even touch the campaign!

I have no issue with the idea of a purely multiplayer led game – it’s not like there aren’t plenty out there already in one form or another.

So why not just go the whole hog? Just come out and say it and dispense with any intelligence insulting token gesture that is a ‘campaign mode’, which only further infuriate those who see through the smoke and mirrors and despise the inevitable 10/10 ratings magazines will fall over themselves to award MW3 when it arrives.

This ‘Elite’ marlarky simply furthers the multiplayer side of things beyond the current format of ‘on disc’ plus ‘overpriced DLC’ – it’s a neat touch in some respects but only seems to be another way to bleed money from peoples wallets without the developers just being honest with what they’re tryinhg to do and letting the series just become some kind of an outright FPS equivilent of World of Warcraft!

Whilst add ons like Special Ops and the now inevitable zombie hunting levels are fun in their own way for a short period, for the lone gunman who enjoys his campaign adventures the Call of Duty series is no longer something to look out for.


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Software engineer by day, Elite League Media man by night, Rob also blogs about cricket for One Stump Short, hockey for In Goal Magazine and video games for Outpost Delta as well as hosting the One Stump Short Podcast.

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  1. Completely agree with you on this. I watched the E3 conference that showed the gameplay for the for the first time live and just found myself getting bored. I’m sure it will have some great Hollywood moments (explosions, scripted moments etc) but it’s the same thing as the last 4 COD games. The single player in Modern Warfare 1 was good and had a decent story to it, but the rest have just been milking the franchise for everything it’s worth.


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