Rome Hit Must Lead to Suspension

Whether it was the catalyst for the Bruins mighty performance in game 3 or not, Aaron Rome’s hit on Nathan Horton was ‘poor’ by any estimation in my eyes. If you haven’t seen the incident in question, here’s a vid courtesy of the Canucks YouTube channel:

The puck is long gone, and whilst Horton is perhaps a little guilty of following his pass Rome isn’t exactly just following his momentum towards Horton – he essentially cuts in to him and catches him high.

To be frank, this seems to be exactly the kind of thing the NHL allegedly wants to cut out of the sport! Boston’s Shawn Thornton said much the same in a post game interview. Whilst Thornton is no stranger to the physical side of the game, and is of course Horton’s team mate, that should not diminsh his point.

We saw it last year with Richards on Dave Krejci – we don’t need to see it again this year. Horton is a big player for the Bruins, and as such a key cog in the Finals. The finals thousands of fans are paying to go and see live and millions more are watching on TV!

Star players shouldn’t get a free pass, that’s not where I am going with this – but the NHL needs to ensure crap like this is cut out and players are not going to get blindsided. The fans, and by proxy TV companies and advertisers, pay to see player play, not get hauled out on a stretcher.

Rome is expected to meet with the league today (Tuesday), but opinions vary on whether he should get any further disciplinary action (he was given 5 minutes for interference plus a game penalty by the officials) and if so, how much.

The trend does lean towards a couple of games – and I guess in the Stanley Cup Final that is probably the best you can hope and it will be interesting to see what the NHL does, especially after letting Alex Burrow’s biting incident go…


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