Can Ryse Help Kinect Rise Above the Novelty Games Market?

One of the most intriguing sights I saw at E3 this week was the trailer for Kinect based swords and sandals affair Ryse.

Perhaps to its detriment the trailer was immediately followed by the Halo Anniversary (e.g Halo: Combat Evolved HD) announcement and thus the first person Roman warrior affair was quickly forgotten by many, as the familiar Halo choir rang out across internet feeds everywhere.

For those that missed it, or simply want a reminder of the Ryse trailer:

Could this finally be a truly adult game for the Kinect? I mean really adult, blood and guts and adult themes.

It seems to be a full on motion controlled affair. It’s not a sort of ‘cross over’ or ‘Kinect capable’ setup like some other items we saw, such as voice control in Mass Effect 3 (although that was quite cool). This is a proper Kinect ‘fighting’ game with some serious potential.

I’ve had fun with a Kinect, but so far never enough that it convinced me to buy one – novelty games and quick blasts with friends are simple not enough to prize a hundred notes from my wallet. But Ryse could be a game changer.

Further details are limited right now and I sincerely hope this does not turn out to be a Kinect version of Dynasty Warriors in Roman clothing, where you simple run from one hack and slash event to the next. Ryse promises much, I’d even go as far as to suggest it may even offer a viable way for the Kinect to really appeal to the more ‘hardcore’ gaming market if it is done correctly.

If remains the key word right now though and I’ll be keeping an eye on Ryse’s development as, right now, it firmly has my attention!


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