Is Your Home Town Prepared for a Zombie Invasion?

Every now and then a story of sheer mind boggling brilliance comes along, almost always completely by accident.

The most popular story on the BBC website for the past couple of days has been Leicester City Council’s lack of emergency plan for a zombie attack! No, really! See here –

Seemingly one ‘concerned citizen’ has seen one to many George Romero movies or decided to watch The Walking Dead whilst suffering some kind of sleep depravation – none the less the whole story has provided an amusing little distraction for many of us!

Should the story have worried you about your own zombie apocalypse survival plans, all I can say is go out and buy a copy of Max Brook’s excellent book ‘The Zombie Survival Guide’ – a book I read (yes, I read a book once) and thoroughly recommend for the concerned citizens out there! You can never be too prepared.

Should you develop a taste for reading up on post apocalyptic survival techniques, don’t be afraid to buy a copy of ‘Be Ready When The Shit Goes Down’ by UFC light heavyweight fighter Forrest Griffin!

Most importantly, always remember where your nearest pub with heavy doors and a toasty maker is located…..just in case!


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Software engineer by day, Elite League Media man by night, Rob also blogs about cricket for One Stump Short, hockey for In Goal Magazine and video games for Outpost Delta as well as hosting the One Stump Short Podcast.

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