Alain Vigneault’s Facepalm Moment

I think it’s safe to say Boston’s game with Vancouver got a little heated at the weekend. It’s become a pretty intense rivalry off the back of last years Stanley Cup final – one which is partly propelled by the media.

And as such there will always be eager scribes at post game press conferences, ready with their questions and keen to grab a great soundbite.

Enter Canucks coach Alain Vigneault, who dropped a whopper when talking about Brad Marchand’s low hit on Sami Salo:

“Marchand — this is just my feeling on this — some day he’s going to get it. Somebody is going to say enough is enough and they’re going to hurt the kid, because he plays to hurt players and in my mind if the league doesn’t take care of it, somebody else will”

Holy moly – the coach of the VANCOUVER CANUCKS just said that.

Anyone else get a feeling of deja vu here?

Claude Julien’s response was pretty much on the money:

“We all know that that comment’s been said before and it didn’t turn out well, so we’ll leave it at that”

Touché sir.

And yet Vancouver fans still wonder why some other supporters have a bit of an issue with them?


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