Is Jonathan Toews the Best All Round Player in the World?

Chicago Captain Jonathan Toews already has a Stanley Cup ring, an Olympic gold medal, a Conn Smythe trophy and is most peoples pick to collect the Selke Trophy this year.

Depending on how long an upper body injury keeps him on the IR; he could break 40 goals for the first time – at the very least you might expect him to surpass his previous personal best of 34 goals assuming he is not sidelined for any great length of time.

In short, Jonathan Toews is rather good!

What’s really remarkable to me about the 23-year old Team Canada forward is how well rounded he seems to be.

It’s not unusual to see a defenceman who is strong in his own end but also provide useful offence – Shea Weber is a good example. Equally plenty of forwards also excel at the defensive aspect of the game. But then this is the NHL, and there is no room for passengers – everyone is expected to contribute at both ends.

But Toews seems to take it to a whole new level – he is currently tied for second in goals with 27 (tied with James Neal, trailing Steven Stamkos) and has four game winners. He is in the top 10 in points, a +17, is second in face-offs won (with a 61.1% success rate!) and now leads the league in takeaways.

Those are some pretty scary numbers when combined in to one player!

Whilst there will always be some sway among people’s ‘top 10’ lists due to form, personal preference and whether it’s raining or not, it’s hard to deny Toews adaptability and all around ability to perform in pretty much any given role or situation cement him a place among the games elite right now.

It’s crazy to think he could have another 10 years at the top as well!

So what do you think; is Toews the best all round player in the world? Leave a comment or tweet me @RobMcGregor35


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