‘A Change is as Good as a Rest’

“Change is good” – Rafiki, The Lion King.

There won’t be many hockey related blog posts that open with a quite from a Disney movie (except maybe one based on the Mighty Ducks…); but the words of a slightly deranged baboon are all too true.

We’ve all changed jobs, moved house, changed clothes even. A change really can be the best thing for us sometimes.

And a change of clubs can reinvigorate a players career.


Tyler Seguin’s ‘party lifestyle’ became an ever increasing concern in Boston. And so he was shipped off to Dallas this summer.

He is now the Stars top scorer with 2 goals and 5 points, a full 2 points more than any of his former team mates have right now. More to the point, the Brampton native is starting to again show signs of why the Bruins took him 2nd overall in 2010.

Fellow Canadian Steve Mason is enjoying a resurgence of his own in Philadelphia.

After winning the Calder Trophy with Columbus in 2009, Mason fell apart in Ohio before being traded to the Flyers last season.

Mason is perhaps the only bright spot in an otherwise disappointing start to the new season for Philadelphia. Whilst he may have only played in 11 games since landing in the ‘City of Brotherly Love’; Mason’s goals against is below 2 (given how bad Philly’s D is that’s pretty impressive on its own!) and his save percentage is hovering around 94%.

It may only be a small sample size we’re looking at for Seguin and Mason; but they are just the latest example of players who have revitalised flagging careers in new cities.

Joffrey Lupul may be one of the best examples of this. A solid player for Anaheim, Philadelphia and then Anaheim again (with a sorry stint in Edmonton sandwiched in the middle of his first run with the Ducks and Flyer), Lupul never really came alive until he arrived in Toronto.

Whilst health issues are something of a concern, Lupul now has 48 goals and 109 points in 115 games for the Leafs.

Whilst it may not always work out, taking a shot on a stumbling star can pay off big for a franchise willing to give a guy a chance.


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