Wild Hire Chabot. Is Definitely Not Rorschach

With Devan Dubnyk safely signed to a 6-year, $26m extension earlier this summer, Minnesota are understandably keen to ensure their #1 netminder stays on top of his game this season.

And in new Director of Goaltender Development Frederic Chabot, the Wild add a man whom Dubnyk credits with forming the base of his game.

“Everything I have as a base to my game technically has basically been Freddy,” Dubnyk told InGoal Magazine’s Kevin Woodley earlier this year.

“From the time that I came into the League, if you look at me then to now, it’s so much different. Everything that I have is from Freddy and working with him for five years.”

Dubnyk became one of the best ‘come back’ stories of recent years last term, going from ‘down and out’ to NHL #1 in the space of six months as he went 27-9-2 following his arrival in Minnesota in January, resurrecting the Wild’s season and helping them in to the post season in the process.

Dubnyk holds Chabot in high regard; but the former Montreal, Philadelphia and LA netminder’s arrival has already been maligned by Minnesota fans, after the 47-year old’s tenure as Edmonton’s goaltending coach went less than smoothly.

Chabot was fired by the Oilers last season as part of an allegedly bold shake up by GM Craig MacTavish – but the Quebec native seemed to be more of a scapegoat for bigger problems at the club at that time.

Edmonton seem to finally address some serious front office issues this summer, while Chabot gets a second chance in the NHL.

Rumours that Chabot had to undergo a psych test before joining are completely untrue and he definitely did not respond to the psychiatrist’s inkblot test with “I see a pretty butterfly. Covers the bottom the net well”…

Frederic ChabotRorschach


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