Why Women Should Matter to the NHL 

Reblogging this great piece by Robyn Pennington (@robyn_jftc) for Puckology on one of the NHL’s most serious issues:


This post was written by Robyn Pennington (@robyn_jftc) as a guest contribution for Puckology. It represents both how deeply the NHL’s attitude towards women is hurting their customers and how personal the choice is to remain engaged with the league.  Welcome, Robyn.

Content warning: Domestic violence, sexual assault.

Why Women Should Matter to the NHL

I wrote this piece partly inspired by Sarah Connor’s amazing article at Stanley Cup of Chowder and partly in light of the NHL’s and Blackhawks’ lack of response to the Patrick Kane case.

When Slava Voynov was arrested, the league did the right thing by suspending him immediately. Though the Kings voiced support for the league’s decision, they also violated the conditions of said suspension by allowing him to practice with his teammates. In essence, their actions never quite matched their words. They’re not off the hook accountability-wise, but they have at least taken steps

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