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Kovalchuk Drama Comes to an End

If there is one Russian who’s name you have heard more than Vladimir Putin, it’s probably Ilya Kovalchuk. Last few months he has been one of the if not most talked about Russian athletes.  Following endless statements from him and his agent and his team that he was supposed to leave according to himself  has (once again) made a decision.

Following the season closing ceremony in St.Petersburgh where team thanked fans with an on ice show Ilya Kovalchuk gathered quite a crowd around him in the media room.  He wasn’t really vocal but he said what he had to, finally clearing up all the rumors.

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SKA-CSKA Battle Goes Beyond the Ice

CSKA and SKA, two teams that just finished one of the KHL conference finals have so much in common,  one of them is the ongoing ‘’war’’.  Both teams couldn’t keep the battle on the ice so they went to bite each other’s necks off in quite a passion.

What necks are we talking about here?  Well, there is an ongoing war between both teams on which one can get the best rumors out about each other.  Sadly it does involved money and Russian media. Some of the stories have been pretty down on the earth but the one that raised many eyebrows and made the ground move a little,was about none else than Russian predator Alexander Radulov, who apparently was heading to Toronto to play for Maple Leafs.

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KHL Playoff Preview – Round 1

The regular season has concluded in KHL and it’s now that time of the year, where we all throw ourselves into the most exciting time of the year for European fans – the KHL play-offs. This year, there are hopes of every exciting battle for every inch of the ice, with match-ups in the first round, we begin the preview of the post-season festivities.

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KHL in UK – Q&A.

Following my first reports about the possibility of KHL expansion in to the United Kingdom, there was a lot of excitement among hockey fans.

But it seemed many had no idea what was really going to happen, how it would happen and when it might happen – and if anything was going to happen at all!

So I decided to reach out to the audience and answer your questions about a possible KHL expansion in to the UK.

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Guest Spot on The Purple Army Podcast

Following the recent revelations that there was some interest in bringing a KHL team to the UK, The Purple Army Podcast hosted a round table discussion to mull over the news and what it might mean for hockey in Great Britain.

Hosted by Graeme of the Purple Army Podcast, the panel included Jono Bullard of The Cats Whiskers, current Braehead Clan netminder and former KHL puck stopper Chris Holt, KHL writer Aivis Kalnins and yours truly, with conversation ranging from possible locations for a KHL team in the UK to whether Great Britain could support a team as well as those all important financial commitments that come with submitting a side in to the game’s second biggest league.

You can listen now on Spreaker or find The Purple Army Podcast on iTunes

KHL expansion – Neil Black and the UK?

A few weeks ago, during the KHL All-Star weekend, President of the KHL –  Dmitry Chernyshenko – spoke up and revealed that there are applications on his desk for new KHL teams across the Europe and Asia. He highlighted Sweden, Bejing, and the United Kingdom among others.

It went quiet for a little while, until recently when two of the countries mentioned above took off, each on different paths.

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Is the KHL Coming to the UK?

While Linus Omark’s flaming stick garnered most of the headlines from today’s KHL All Star Game, news of further expansion for the league also set tongues wagging, with the possibility of clubs from Estonia, China, Sweden and Great Britain joining the fold in the near future.

Yes, Great Britain.

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